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” A lovely little Girl was holding two APPLES with both hands. Her Mum came in and asked her little daughter with a SMILE 😃:

“ My sweetie, Could you give your Mum one of your two APPLES?”

The girl looked up at her for some seconds, then she suddenly took a quick bite out of one APPLE, and then quickly took a bite out of the other one.

The Mum got angry and disappointed for her daughter’s reaction, she was ready to reprimand her. Then the little girl handed one of her bitten APPLES to her Mum, and said: 

“ Mummy, here you are, this is the sweeter one”.

Her Mum couldn’t believe what her daughter did !!!

So to speak, we’re all guilty of this, of being quick to judge and not giving children their due credit to act freely and spontaneously. ⠀

Their innocence and purity is a stark reminder to keep things simple. ⠀

Kids, in their innocence, don’t want to ruin our lives, though i’m certain it feels that way a lot – LOL 😂.

Most of the time they just imitate what they see. But the one thing we have learned from them is, how to LOVE.⠀

When they love, they LOVE. No conditions, no real expectations, just love in its purest form. They want what is the best for their loved ones “.

What did this story teach you?

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